Become a Food Bank Hero

There is a hero in all of us.

Did you know there has been a 30.6% increase in individuals relying on food banks since 2008?
Across Canada there are over 368,000 families who are assisted by food banks each month
48.4% are women.
39% are single-parent families.

How can you become a food bank hero?

I am a Food Bank Hero!

"I am a food bank hero because I listen to peoples concerns."

ISNA Food Bank Volunteer


How we help the community

Food Bank

Open the first Saturday of every month from 9am - 11am the ISNA Food Bank serves over 450 families each month. Families are able to collect the staple non perishables (rice, oil, flour, sugar, lentils, channa, pasta, etc) along with speciality items including Halal meat, eggs, carrots, and bread.

Community Kitchen

The community kitchen allows patrons of the food bank a place to sit and relax while enjoying a hot meal while their food basket is being prepared. Open from 10am to 11am the community kitchen serves over 500 meals a month to needy families in our community.

Toy Drive

As a youth driven initiative the ISNA Food Bank has beeen collecting brand new unwrapped toys for distribution to local hospitals and to needy families during Eid. Over 300 toys were collected and distributed in 2013.


Interested in how you can become a Food Bank Hero?
Contact us for more information on how you can help!

I am a Food Bank Hero!

"I am a food bank hero because I stock the shelves!"

ISNA Food Bank Volunteer

Who We're Helping

You may be surpised who is hungry in our community

They are everyday people with families, responsibilities and aspirations. They are our friends and neighbors who are struggling and need a helping hand. They are people who face the daily dilemma of choosing which of life's essentials to go without including food.

Hunger is an income issue. It affects our most at-risk populations: seniors, people with disabilities, the homeless, and many who work full- and part-time. Hunger also takes its toll on the health and well-being of children more than a third of those eating from an emergency food box are under the age of 13.

39% Single-Parent Families

Nearly 40% of clients that come to the food bank are single family parents. Mostly single mothers taking care of several young children.

33% Less than 13 Years Old

One third of our entire client base is children under 13 years old. 21% are school age (5-13), 6% are pre-school (3-5), 5% are toddlers (1-3) and 1% are newborns. 15% of our client base are highschool students (13-18). Between all groups 48% of our clients are less than 18 years old.

21,236 Individuals

The food bank serves over 450 families each month. On average each month our food supplies reach 1,850 individuals. In 2013 we had 468 new registrations.

About ISNA Food Bank

Helping the needy in our community since 2009

The ISNA Food Bank is a series of community outreach programs run entirely by volunteers who are our Food Bank Heros.

Since inception the Food Bank has helped deliver over 12,500 boxes of food supplies, weighing over 653,518 lbs (326.76 tons) to over 44,814 needy individuals across the GTA.

Come join our dedicated team of volunteers and become a hero to someone in need. 

"As Muslims we Care and We Share"

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Become a Food Bank Hero!


2200 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON L5J 2M4

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Get in touch with us

Feel free to drop us a line via any of the below methods:

Phone: 905.403.8406 x 236
Facebook: ISNAFoodBank
Twitter: ISNAFoodBank

Come see our operations!

The ISNA Food Bank is open the first Saturday of every month from 9am - 11am. Volunteers are there from around 6:30am to help setup. Feel free to drop by and see how you can become a Food Bank Hero.